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The-Bird-Watcher Series - Fishing With Audubon's Great Blue Heron   

Welcome to the Online Fine Art Gallery of Kara Krieger-McGhee

My goal as an artist is to be continually learning, continually pushing myself and continually exploring new ideas.  In the process of developing my fine art career over the last couple of years, I've done just that.  Now that I know the "rules", so to speak, I want to start breaking them a little--to play with new ideas.  The Bird-Watcher concept is one of those ideas I've enjoyed exploring and will continue to explore--it's fun to tell a story with paint--be watching for new pieces coming in the near future.  I will also be working on pieces that have a more graphic feel that may incorporate mixed media, and of course, en plein air pieces.  En plein air requires quick thinking, quick painting and quick results, good and bad, it is a way for me to really push myself as an artist while enjoying what feeds my soul--NATURE.


Work available at Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR 






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